Client Testimonials - Stretch Therapy


Judy is magic  - Lisa, Hopkinton


I wanted to let you know that I LOVED our visits and thought they where worth the money. I have recommended you to others    Ralph, Upton


I have always enjoyed sports, outdoor activities and am committed to a regular fitness routine. Seeking increased flexibility I was referred to Judy Malcolm by my personal trainer.  With no expectations I am absolutely delighted with the results from my weekly Stretch Therapy sessions with Judy. She is incredibly knowledgeable, experienced and wonderful to work with.  The stretching techniques she applies have increased my range of motion, improved my workouts and generated new levels of energy. She is now an integral part of my entire health and wellness plan.  -  John D.  Southborough 

Thanks for an amazing stretch today!! My low back pain has already decreased quite a bit! I just booked a few more appointments with you :)

Vanessa, Marlborough 

Great stretch today!! I feel so much better! Already looking forward to my next one! Thanks so much Judy!!

Sue M., Hopkinton 

Client Testimonials - Pilates 

After only one private class with Judy on the Pilates reformer machine, I found myself pain free - after months of nagging back pain. Chasing pain relief through massage, chiropractic adjustments, even trigger point injections ,  was a financial burden and time consuming as well. I couldn't quite believe how  Pilates could to heal so quickly and profoundly. When Judy told me "Pilates puts the bones where they are supposed to be" I'll admit to being skeptical. After one class that skepticism vanished and I quickly became a convert and a firm believer in the power of Pilates reformer classes to strengthen and heal!

Tina J., Natick, MA 

I started going to Perfect Fit several months ago due a back issue. I never thought something like Pilates would help but it did. I have not had a back issue since I began going. Working with Judy has been terrific. As a male, I wasn't sure what to expect as some places can make men feel awkward, but I have felt comfortable since the first time I walked in. I would recommend Perfect Fit, Pilates and Judy to anyone with back issues.

Dave H., Holliston 

Judy teaches an amazing Pilates work out and her FST is to die for! If you are looking for a great core strengthening work out Pilates with Judy is the perfect fit for you. But I can not over emphasize how amazing the Fascial Stretch Therapy is. I leave there feeling 5 inches taller and super flexible. I highly recommend!

Jessica., Framingham 

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